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Exchange Policy

Customer (collectively, “you”) satisfaction is GiftHey’s (collectively, “we”) primary goal. We will check your order items before shipping to ensure that they are as high quality as possible. to avoid inconvenience to you, please check the detailed description of the item carefully and accurately before you buy.

When you receive the item, if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to worry, you have an exchange guarantee for 30 days from the date you receive the item.

Warm Tips

  • Please do not ship your item to the sender’s address or business address on the order package without communicating with us to request an exchange. Because the sender’s address or business address printed on the order package is not the warehouse address where the exchange will be processed, this will affect the progress of your exchange.

Requirements For Exchange Items

  • Defective, damaged or mismatched items due to us
  • Items that have not been used or are in good original packaging
  • Items that have not been worn, damaged, cleaned, or modified in any way
  • Items sold by us
  • Items can only be exchanged with an item of equal or higher price. Items exchanged with higher priced items must make up the price difference.

How to Exchange Items

1. Please Send Your Exchange Request via Email

(1) You are please to send us an exchange request (collectively, the “Request”) via email on the Contact Us.

(2) To expedite the processing of requests, please include your order number, item information, shipping address, recipient, a clear picture or video of the item in its current condition and any other information relevant to the order in your email..

2. Please Wait and We Will Reply Within Two Business Days

(1) We will confirm the request within two business days from the date we receive it.

(2) If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, please check your spam box.

(3) If you confirm that you have not received a response, please send us another request via email or phone.

3. Send the Exchange Items by Mail

(1) After receiving the reply, please pack the items to be exchanged in their original packaging and mail the package to the exchange warehouse address provided in the reply email.

(2) Please pay for the exchange items shipping back.If items needs to be exchanged due to an error on our part. We will be responsible for the shipping costs of the exchange items. We will reimburse you for the shipping cost through cash coupon or other means.

4.Please wait patiently for exchange items to arrive

We will send you a exchange items within 14 business days from the date the item is returned to our warehouse.